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U.S.-MEXICO RELATIONS:Permeable Borders, Transnational Relations

por Denise Dresser y Veronica Wilson Última modificación 14/11/2008 11:26 2006, The Pacific Council on International Policy.

This report presents findings from a twenty month-long project focusing on transnational challenges and opportunities in the multidimensional relationship between Mexico and the United States, ranging from migration, security, and cross-border politics to governance and institution building. The core of the project was a series of discussions among leaders from diverse sectors and locations in the United States and Mexico. These discussions, conducted in Spanish and English and led by Dr. Dresser, were remarkably frank and open and yielded a rich set of observations and policy implications. The findings reflect these discussions as well as the authors’ own analysis of recent thinking on transnationalism. The work on this project had the second salutary consequence of fostering the development of a North American network of experts, politicians, educators, and business, labor and community leaders interested in exploring transnational issues together and committed to influencing policy choices. Networks such as these are crucial in the current environment where issues of border security and unauthorized migration are highly sensitive political issues in both Mexico and the U.S. and in relations between the two countries.

Dresser report (March 2007).pdf — PDF document, 1336Kb

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