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Mexican Transnational Lives and Ethnic Borders within the USA:Barrios in Chicago

por Luis Rodolfo Moran Quiroz Última modificación 21/05/2008 17:52 Presented at The Second Cumbre of the Great Plains. April 22nd -24th, 2005 in Omaha, Nebraska.

Since at least the 20’s and 30’s of the twentieth century, Mexican immigrant population has concentrated to create a very notorious kind of social enclaves in the USA. Mexican barrios in cities such as San Diego, Los Angeles and Chicago have been notorious for their colorfullness and their militancy both against “white assimilationist practices” and “Anglo-Saxon or nativist proposals of exclusion” of immigrants in general into the mainstream US society. This paper deals with how urban spaces have been appropriated and re-signified by various groups of Mexican immigrants in the Chicago Area, and have diversified themselves from other “Latino” identities and enclaves within the same urban area at different stages in time. Four such barrios are discussed, contrasted and analyzed in the paper. Some of the policy design implications for local, federal and Mexican governments are discussed, along with some of the institutions that define transnational lives for Mexican communities and families

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