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Documentos sobre el Centro de Accion Social Autonomo

Toward a left without borders: the story of the center for autonomous social action-general brotherhood of workers por Arnoldo Garcia — Última modificación 15/05/2008 20:27
Over a brief ten-year period (1968-1978), Centro de Accion Social Autonomo-Hermandad General de Trabajadores (CASA-HGT), the Center for Autonomous Social Action-General Brotherhood of Workers, went from a traditional mutualista or self-help center providing legal and other services as part of organizing undocumented Mexican workers in California, to a national organization rooting itself in broad working-class politics. A unique left organization of Mexican and Mexican-American workers emerged in the 1960s whose story still waits to be told. Meanwhile, these brief notes on its history by a former member should at least help to show why it was such an important, pioneering project.
Guide to the Centro de Accion Social Autonomo Papers, 1963-1978 por Centro de Accion Social Autonomo — Última modificación 28/07/2008 15:22
CASA in the Chicano Movement: Ideology and Organizational Politics in the Chicano Community 1968-1978 por David G. Gutierrez — Última modificación 10/09/2008 14:57
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